Rules, Regulations, and Frequently Asked Questions

We ask all of our Guests to follow all of our Rules.
It means more fun for everyone!

General Rules

  • **All parties require a non-refundable $75 Deposit**
  • Absolutely NO outside food allowed. Food and beverages purchased or prepared food outside the facility are not permitted (except cake/dessert).
  • Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.
  • Socks must be worn at all times.
  • Running is not permitted. kids must WATCH OUT for other children and play safely!
  • Food, drinks, candy and sharp objects are not allowed in the inflatable area or the GatorTown.
  • Glasses and jewelry must be removed.
  • Guests must not climb over the sides of any Inflatables.
  • Slide down all slides feet first, no jumping down slides.
  • Do not go behind any inflatables or into other restricted areas.
  • No shoes of any kind are allowed in the inflatable area. No exceptions.
  • Staff member instructions must be followed at all times. Failure to do so will result in eviction from the facility without refund.
  • Absolutely NO alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs are permitted at any time
  • Purchase of admission in any form, including parties and group events, acknowledges understanding of these rules.
  • Purchaser acknowledges that all reasonable precautions have been made to assure safety. Play is at the participants own risk. By purchasing admission, purchaser agrees to release, defend, indemnify, not sue and hold harmless GatorFred's.

Open Play F.A.Q.

  • When can I come in to play? Is there a time limit? Open play is avaliable during all of our open hours, located on our home page. There is no time limit: you can play as long as you want until we close!
  • Can I leave with my kids for a bit and come back? If leaving for more than 20-30 minutes, a $2.00 re-entry fee is required.
  • Can I bring my own food or drink? No. Absolutely no outside food or drink is permitted inside the fascility.
  • I have more than one child. How much will I have to pay? Please see all of our prices for open play here
  • Do I have to stay with my kid? Can I just leave them there? With the exception of Parents Night Out and Daily Care, children must ALWAYS be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Party guests may dropped off as long as the waiver is signed giving the host parents responsibilities for their children.
  • Do you offer Group Discounts? Yes, if you have large enough group or special event for a school, day care, church or non-profit organization.

Parties F.A.Q.

  • How do I reserve a party? Booking a party is simple! You can stop by and book your party whenever we're open or call us to book by phone at (813) 264-1700.
  • Do you allow on-the-spot Parties? Yes, we accept walk-ins, but we do not provide a private room. Upon availability, we may sit you in a table close to the play area and we will charge you just for the admissions depending on the amount of kids you bring. For a complete list of Walk-In Party rules, click here.
  • Can I bring my own Cake? Yes, you can bring your own cake or ice cream.
  • Can I bring my own food? NO food or drinks are allowed.
  • Can I bring my own goodie bags? Yes you may, or you can purchase them through us. See our Parties page for more information about GatorFred's Extras and Add-ons.
  • What should I bring to my party? Just bring your cake and the kids. Any extra decorations are fine, but not necessary.
  • Can I bring a piñata? Yes. You may also purchase a piñata here with at least two days notice. See our Parties page for more information about GatorFred's Extras and Add-ons.
  • What extra features or options are available for parties? We offer lots of Extras and Add-ons to make your party the best it can be! See our Parties page for more information.
  • How many guests can I invite? You can invite as many guests as you want, but keep in mind that as the number of guests increases, so too does the price of the party.
  • When should I arrive for my party? The birthday child and family may arrive as early as fifteen minutes prior to the party time.
  • Can I bring my own decorations? Each party package already includes plates, utensils, and matching baloons, but you may bring your own specialty plates/utensils if you wish. If you bring them a day in advance, we will even set them up for you. However, we do not allow confetti, silly string, or streamers.
  • What if one of my guests forgets socks? We have socks available for purchase ($1.07) at the front desk. Socks are a requirement to play in our facility.
  • When can I order food for my party? The party food and extra food will all be taken care of approximately thirty minutes after the party starts to ensure an appropriate amount is prepared for your guests.
  • How long does the party last? Gator Fred's parties are two hours long. When the party is finished, all guests must vacate the room, but are not required to leave the facility. Kids can stay and play as long as they like until we close.
  • I have to cancel my party unexpectedly. Can I get my deposit back? All deposits are non-refundable.