GatorFred's Hourly Care

GatorFred's offers a special service where you may drop your child off for a few hours to be left under our supervision

Days, evenings, and weekends. Keep appointments, attend meetings, run errands, shop, play sports, relax, see a movie, eat out. . . knowing your children are safe and having fun

Hourly Care Rules and Regulations


Our fee is $10.00 per hour, $5 for second child (only applicable to siblings)

There is a $30 minimum charge. Rates are calculated to the minute.

Please respect our hours of operation. We charge a $1 per minute late fee after closing.

We only accept cash and credit cards, no checks.

Care is available all day long during our hours of operation.

You can pick whatever day to go: there is no registration or enrollment fee

Payment is expected at the end of each visit.

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