Thank You, Tampa.
Our own 10 Year Challenge

The GatorFred’s family would like to inform you that we are formally and permanently closing our business.
We shall be closing on Sunday March 3, 2019, and it will be our last day open to the public. As
always, everyone is welcome every day from 10am to 8:00pm throughout our last days of bouncing and
enjoying life at GatorFred’s. Since 2009 we have made a sincere effort to offer excellent customer service to our
amazing and unforgettable customers, and we truly hope we were successful in our endeavor. We give thanks
to every single one of our customers for trusting us and helping us grow into a huge success.

Thank you for believing in us since the first day we opened. Thank you for all those times you invested your
time, money, and loyalty to our business. Do not be sad or worried for us, we are proud of what we built and
accomplished, it is just time for a change! Our GatorFred’s gave millions of satisfactions to a lot of people
throughout these last 10 years, and we never are going to forget that. Thank you for being part of our journey.
We always think about what the real key to success in business is, but as we have experienced in the last 10
years, we know without a doubt that it is you, our devoted customers.
Thank you for making our dream come true!

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